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Why are we having this program and why You Must Participate?

Myself and my team thought of something recently that instead of teaching useful music career strategies generically alone, why can’t we have a program also where we would select a particular Musician to be assessed and the Assessee and the audience would learn greatly from the career experience, successes, failures, etc. of that particular Musician been assessed.

Also we could take the particular Musician been assessed as the point of contact for a more directed and calculated teaching.

With this, people could learn more because it’s more practical and more interactive and because it’s from a real life experience of someone they have met.


This Wonderful Program Would Be Taking Place …

– Once in a month

– In our exclusive Facebook group called “Musicians Hood.”

– One Musician would  be selected and his music career would be assessed

– From the assessment, practical recommendations, contributions and suggestions would be delivered to the Musician in question and for the general house so that we can all have better future operations and greater achievements.


It Would Goes Thus :

– The Musician Introduction

– His achievements and successes.

– His failures.

– Where is he now?

– Where is he planning to go from here?

– What are his current challenges and what has he been doing about them?

– On what sides of his career does he need urgent help and attention from the Music Career Coach and the general house?

– What other things does he expects from the house which can help his career to be better and have a smoother journey?

– What does he has to tell us which we can learn from, from his own career experience?


Each session during the program would be interactive.

Questions and suggestions would be delivered from the general house (audience).

We are sure both the Assessee and the audience would not leave the program without being transformed to have a better music life.

Practical and life proven strategies and models would be given to everyone for a more profitable music career.


Myself (MRFIA), my team (The Musico Team) and many successful and professional musicians, coaches and many more would be present during each program to provide useful, applicable and validated strategies for better music career success.

I’m sure you know you must not miss it.

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