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This is one of the reasons you are not making remarkable number of sales…  Read on.

So many times, I’ve found Musicians especially recording Artistes sharing their songs on platforms, social media groups and other gatherings which are constituted mainly of Musicians.
They would say “this is a hot single, or a hit track from my album,….. Pls download, listen and kindly share with others”
Whenever I see these kind of a  post or message, I always feel concerned about the Artistes posting them.
They are trying to sell their own meat to established meat sellers.
They are trying to sell their own meat to known butchers.
Can that work?  NO! NEVER!
1. Because those ones you are selling to, or let me say those ones you are introducing your own products to are not your ideal paying customers.
2. They have their own meat to sell as well. So each man for his own problem.
3. They need help too on Promotion, though their need may not be as high as yours. (There’s always levels/classes among all players in each industry)
Know this…
If no-one is going to pay for your products, how would you progress and make a living?
Even it’s charity, some people have to pay for it for the establishment to continue running.
So why focusing on those that may never transact with you?
Your market is the public. Move to the crowd that are ready to buy what you’re offering.
_Here you need to be strategic so that you can have the required results as wished._
That’s why you need the help of a music promotion and management Company which knows what, why, where, when, who and how to go about the activities of music promotion and management.
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