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Making hit song is no joke. The chance to get a Hit song is increased if a dance step comes with it.Here are the Top ten most popular and widely accepted dance steps in Nigeria and their originator ( Artiste).

In no particular order

1) Azonto( Wizkid)- Though azonto was created in Ghana but Wizkid made it popular with his hit song Azonto. Nollywood didn’t slack as they released Azonto babes part 1- 4. Many other artistes released azonto themed Songs afterwards.

2) Galala(Daddy Showkey) Many have credited Daddy Showkey as The Galala Creator .Some say its Father U turn. However,one thing we know is that it is synonymous with Reggae Music..

3) SuO ( Danfo drivers/Marvelous Benji) – Remember SU0.Many claim it was Created by Marvelous benji but i remember in Danfo drivers song where They said ” I am a Danfo driver , SUO,sebi u be danfo ..

4) Yahooze ( Olu Maintain ) -If i hammer,first thing na..Dat one is left for u to decide but Olu maintain yahooze was a mega hit as it came with the Yahooze dance. Oya karmakazee on d Kentro level .

5) Alanta ( ArtQuake) – Open your eyes as if you wan. ArtQuake came thru with Alanta Dance which became a hit and got many people behaving like possessed .

6) Skelewu ( Davido) – Davido Skelewu became a Mega hit .He shot 2 videos for the additive song which also came with a dance. however,Dammy krane laid claim as Many critics claimed it resembled d artist Gbetiti dance.. Skelewu was d known one sha..

7) Kukere ( Iyanya) – After doing RnB and i love you baby ,i like u songs in his first album and he didnt blow.Iyanya had to do something . Kukere clicked the right buttons and launched the Etighi Dance which is a dance from where he hails from..Though another artist released etighi,iyanya kukere is d most recognized.

cool Sekem ( Mc galaxy) -Oya Sekem one hand for your waist ..This was one of d favourite songs of Mama Peace.MC Galaxy assisted by Tspize d producer made d song a hit and the dance went viral.

9) Bobo ( Djenimoney/Olamide) – Talo fa Bobo.Consistent Hit maker Olamide made a Massive hit from The Song Shakititi bobo which came with a nice dance.The dance went viral. Bobo is still d most popular and accepted..

10) Shoki ( Lil kesh / Orezi) -Shoki is one of the most danced dance style in Nigeria. Be like say it goes with every song.The originator is disputed. But The battle is between Lil Kesh and Orezi..

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