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“No Shaking Nigeria”
An inspiring hot single which is a combination of intercontinental and traditional percussion rhythm laid upon the Fuji tune is to be dropped on October first from The Bari Jesus Praise Chamber
Listen to the amazing story behind the song…
It was a boring afternoon for me in the office that day, activities was at low ebb and excitement was low. It’s really a dull moment.
I plugged in the piano to the power source and I was playing with the black keys alone. As I was making the sound, mistakenly some notes occurred to me to sound sweet to my hearing, and then I dwelt on the few black keys that produced the sonorous sound.
I trapped this melody and recorded it with my phone.
The following day I called a professional pianist and shared the sound with him. He couldn’t believe his ears and disputed that I was not the one that played the sound.
A sense of hope came into me that even at dull moment my mistake could sound professional.
This thought of hope revived me. But I had to write suitable lyrics to the tune.
It dawn on me that Nigerians are passing through a difficult time, and I asked myself “why don’t I write lyrics that will inspire HOPE since what brought about the sound revolves round hope rising.
That was how I put up the lyrics that ‘We Nigerian should not lose hope, that since God is on the throne our restoration is sure, if we persist in praying, and be honest to ourselves, our greatness will jack back to live’.
I want to encourage us that whatever situation we are passing through, we must utilize it to emerge as a victor not a victim.
If a mistakenly played sound a on keyboard by me could lead to a  melodious and inspiring tune to be released to  the public to give living hope, then your present situation can take you to your desired level. Please, don’t give up.
No Shaking Bari Jesus!  

No shaking Nigeria!
The song would be available on Musico Downloads (  and other platforms for free download starting from October first, this year.
God bless Nigeria.
My name is A/P Samuel Temitayo, PMP (popularly known as “BARI Jesus.”)
I am a minister of God, a gospel musician and a Project Management Training Consultant.
You can give me a call send a message : (+234) 09026854623


Editor’s Note :

Bari Jesus is a Musico Artiste, so you  can contact us for more information about him and his music. 


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