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Hello great Musicians and Ministers.

I have an important question to ask you please.
This is the question…
Which Music Career Topics Do You Urgently Want To Learn About And You Are Ready To Pay For?
The reason I’m asking you this question is that…
We are launching the informative Music Consulting section of MUSICO, named *Musico Consult* in few days to now.
And because we are also launching some *Exclusive Life And Career Changing Music Coaching Programs with the section as well.*
These are to equip all Musicians and ministers with needed information and aids for a successful music career and a profitable and peaceful life as a whole.

Some of the wonderful topics we have on ground includes:
1. Taking your music from just talents to a big business and become financially secured.
2. How to Build, Sustain and Monetize a Music Band easily and make a fortune from it.
3. Building a successful music career and having a fulfilled ministry side-by-side without difficulty.
4. The best things to do with your music career if you are 50 years old or above so that you can be financially stable and have a peaceful later days in life.
Each of these topics are designed as a coaching program to be undertaken by interested Musicians and ministers.

Myself and my team have seriously and extensively researched the topics above and the others and also experimented the principles therein and validated all the strategies.
Successful and professional individuals were been interviewed on those topics as well for life proven results.
All these were done for me and team  to come up with practicable and effective coaching programs which would greatly have lasting impacts on your music career, ministry and your whole life.
These are what I want you to do now:
a.  Choose one or more of the topics (coaching programs) you want now and send a text message or email to notify us of your selection and we would send you the details and required steps.
b.  Also, let me know what other topics you are in need of which you would want us to package as coaching programs. Send them as text message or email too.
c.   What are you passing through now that you need urgent help, support and advice on? Send them as text message or email to me as well.
Pls send all your text messages and calls to : (+234)  09032348435
Send all emails to :


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