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_This is crazily HUGE : #1.86 Million for Musicians for FREE?_


We are launching a monthly contest and the top 10 contestants would be awarded a promotional bundle  which worth *#186,000* each.  Summing up to be #1.86M altogether.


This is one of the best music award and contests in Nigeria.


1. The Top 10 would be enlisted oln our *READY TO BE SIGNED ARTISTES LIST*.  This means, whenever we have any request from any record label that suits their preferences, then, they would be recommended ( worth ;#50,000) =  FREE

*2. Their songs would be HIGHLIGHTED and posted on the FEATURED SECTION of our downloads website for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE for that month. (worth : #15,000) = FREE*
3. Their songs shall be PROMOTED on social media massively for proper awareness and increased fanbase (Worth: #40,000) = FREE

*4. They shall be enlisted on the MUSICO TRUSTED ARTISTES LIST . This means that we would give them the *FIND ME SHOWS SERVICES * for free.  With this we can easily get them booed for paid shows and to get them to perform in some big concerts in the country. (worth: #25,000) = FREE.

5. We will feature their BIOGRAPHY on our blog and shared across all our social media platforms ( worth : #15,000). FREE


*6. They would be given opportunity to record a new track to be recorded, mixed and Mastered by industry standard Producers in Lagos or Ibadan for half of the cost price ; they can choose their preferred location out of the two. (worth : #50,000, discount : #25,000, They would only pay : #25,000)*

6. Opportunity of having a professional artistes website for 2/3 of the cost price. This will help to increase their Web presence and for better exposure. ( Worth : #49,000, discount : #16,000  They would only pay : #33,000 )

*TOTAL : #186,000 each.*

= #1.86 Million Altogether.

Can you now see why we say this is one of the best music awards and contests in Nigeria.


*Many organisers would require artistes to pay to enter this kind of wonderful contest (which is normal), BUT we are not asking anything from anyone. Only that the artiste must be a registered member on MUSICO and must have posted some adverts on the marketplace ( This is because you need the Musico username to participate.

To participate, Send your :

– song (mp3) or its link, video (mp4) or its link. This is if you’ve uploaded the song on a site/platform before.

– artcover/picture

– song description

– your personal details

– contact information

– Social media handles

– Username on MUSICO
To this email address :

NOTE: We would only allow one song per artiste freely. If you wish to upload more than one song you would need to pay a token of #5K for additional songs.

_Having multiple songs may increase your chance of having more downloads and eventually be among the winners.

For more details on that, contact us at :


*- The top 10 Artistes with the highest number of downloads And  highest rate of social media share shall be selected.

This would require you to share your song download link with your friends, families, colleagues, etc. So that they can download your songs. Likewise urge them to share the link on your behalf so that you can reach more people.

*Also, ask them to like your song by clicking the social media buttons on your song on our website where they would download the song. This would increases your chances of being among the Top 10 and win the contest.*

– Then, our panel of Judges shall grade the 10 songs of the top Artistes based on the level of their musicianship, the quality o their music production and other technical music elements.

This process would finally rank them from 1 to 10 appropriately.

– The winners shall be awarded and announced and their benefits shall be delivered to them.

– Afterwards, their Effective and strategic Music and Artiste Promotion starts.


For inquiries :

Call & SMS : (+234)

MRFIA : 09032348435
Big Diddo : 0808 575 8577
Mike Adekunle : 0803 048 6092
SimKleff D Magic Mix : 0816 710 8582
ZicDaBeatKilla : 0703 256 6642

Email :

Follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram : MusicoMarket

*Grab Your Own #186,000 worth of Effective and Strategic Music and Artiste Promotion Now And Become a music STAR!*

The MUSICO Team.

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