EDUCATION, SCHOOLING and your LIFE –  A Must Read | Musenta Blog 

This is important 

Especially for young people.
My worry ended many years ago *”when I discovered that no one would ever require my Academic result in the future I’m going to”*.
And believe me, I was right then.
But we have different lives of course, why can’t you focus on yours and less on mine?
Why judging me while you should keep on on yours.
While many people would eat from their formal academic sacrifice and inputs, people like me would live on our *Economic Rent*. (Don’t bother to ask me for the meaning, you know that already)
_I’m not talking about education here but the typical academic life we all know about_
Education is essential, know yourself first and you won’t lose focus or waste time on what would not count later.
Get education but *focus less on schooling.*
Also, in all thy getting, get wisdom.
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Thank you.

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