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It’s a fact that; if there is no engaging audience, paying clients/customers and exchange of cash for any business selling products or services, the business would surely stop to exist in no time.

But why are you not making the required sales?
Why is it that despite all your efforts, it’s still very difficult to convert your audience to paying clients/customers?
Why is it that even those who are very close to you are not buying what you are selling?
If you fall into the category  outlined above, then the statement below is the answer to the questions above and the ones on your mind…
The simple answer is that : You Are Just In The Wrong Market
Look at it this way…
1. How much sales can you make from directing your marketing of writing materials to a market full of mechanical technicians (Mechanics as we call them here)?
2. How much revenue can you generate from selling your dry cleaning services to a market which is full of stay-at-home moms?
3. You are tying to sell your fast foods in a very remote village, won’t you go out of business early than expected?
*You need to know your market, I mean your own market*
*There are big differences between your ideal clients/customers and your ideal paying clients/customers.*
Think about it, no matter how much they need or love your products or services, if they are not ready to pay for them, then you need to refocus. Or else, you will soon become a nuisance to them and to yourself.
These reasons and many more are why every promotional activities must be strategic.
Only spend your resources to sell to those who need your services/products and are also ready  to pay for them.

These reasons are why we are always strategic whenever we are promoting every Artiste and any song.
We deliver massive and strategic  Music and Artiste Promotion to the right audience.
And the impact of our promotional services and activities are always huge.
Give us a chance to promote you as an Artiste to become famous and rich and also give us the chance to promote your songs and they shall become popular and go viral in no time easily.
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