​6 Unique and Amazing Benefits of Selling on Online Classified Ads Sites 

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If you want to make more sales from your music products and services then, this is for you.

Before spending much money on advertising your music products and services through other means, you need to read this…
The unique benefits of selling on a Classified ads website are as follows :

1. Classified ad sites have the traffic:

Most classified ad websites spend heavily on advertising and building traffic back to their websites just to gain more audience.

Hence, its easy to get noticed on a classified ad site.

While other businesses throw away their time and money on paid advertisements and not gaining adequate ROI for it, yours that is posted through free online classified ads can get better returns.
2. Online classified ads may be free:

Most online classified websites offer posting of classified ads for free. Imagine putting your advert on the TV or RADIO.

Try contacting them and asking the cost, you’ll see that it’s not cheap.

Just imagine putting your business or service advert on a place accessed by millions of people for free.
3. Open to Everyone:

Classified ads are not limited to a certain group of people, industry or location.
Almost anyone of legal age can post an advertisement and eventually make sales.
4. More People Use Internet Than Read Newspapers and Magazines:

Not everyone read newspapers these days. I don’t. But almost everyone from all walks of life surf the net.

Some publications in print cater to a limited few. Fashion magazines, for instance, appeal

to the ladies, while local newspapers only interest the adults.

The internet, however, is accessed even by a preschooler, or a senior that can still operate a computer.

By posting an advertisement through the online classified ads, there is a better chance of it being viewed by the target audience.
5. Free Backlinks for Websites:

You can gain a backlink, also known as inbound link, back to your own website. In SEO perspective, such inbound links can help improve ranking in Google.
6. You Don’t Need to Have Your Own Products:

You can simply negotiate with a dealer and post the products there and get your difference after you have successfully made the sale, it’s just that simple and cool.


Now think of this…

With all the benefits listed above for selling on a conventional classified ads website, how rewarding would it be to now sell your music products and services on a music dedicated classified ads website which is MUSICO (www.musico.com.ng)

That’s why no Musician should be left out from selling on the MUSICO Marketplace (www.musico.com.ng).

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