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We promote Music Artistes, Actors/Actresses, DJs, Events, Music, and anything entertainment to reach millions of amazing people.

You would have massive and strategic promotion from us and you shall soon be the talk of the town.


We consult for individuals (Artistes, actors/actresses, etc) and organizations (entertainment outfits, media firms, record labels, etc).

Are you in a need of entertainment professionals to solve an issue in your career or your organization, then we are your best go-to team.

Marketing & Distribution.

Your hot single/album is ready now, but you are in need of a truthful marketing company or a reliable music publisher, we are here to help you out.

We shall distribute your music on all needed platforms and through all required channels including more than 150 Digital Music Stores worldwide in more than 100 countries. Also, you shall be given the up to date progress record on your music/ticket/movie sales


Do you aspire to be a renowned Artiste, Actor, Actress, OAP, Entertainment Blogger, Entertainment Journalist, etc.? Then you are required to attend Musenta Academy for the best knowledge and connection you need to succeed in your chosen career

Our Platforms

To serve best, we’ve created these amazing and sophisticated platforms.



Musenta Radio

On Musenta Radio you would always enjoy hot Music Grooves, amazing Jams, latest songs, old songs, awesome programs, entertaining schedules, DJ Mixes, Outstanding Broadcast, and many more 24/7. We are committed to your entertainment satisfaction.

Musenta TV

Amazingly clear and high definition movies, outstanding musical videos, awesome events, talk of the town programs and many top notch video contents are what you would always enjoy on Musenta TV. With Musenta TV, no boring moment.

Musenta Marketplace

All Music, Entertainment, Media and Event Professionals and service providers can now come together on a single marketplace where amazing people who need their services can come to to hire them easily. And the best part is that there’s called Escrow payment on the Marketplace.

Musenta Blog

At the core of Entertainment Journalism, Musenta Blog stands tall. Every entertainment gists you need are here. Latest news in the entertainment industry are here. Awesome Tips and Pro Hacks which are needed for a successful career in the entertainment industry are packed here by professionals. All our contents are professionally crafted and proofread by the best in the industry.

Musenta Downloads

Your favorite songs, videos and musical contents are uploaded here for easy access. You are free to download both latest songs and movies here. Also your oldie favorites are here for you to download easily for free.

Musenta Lyrics

It’s one thing to be enjoying a hot music and it’s something else to know exactly what the singer is actually saying. Because of this, we’ve taken our time to compile the correct lyrics of each song you can think of and all these lyrics are free for you to access.

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